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Tripod Clearstat Nail Polish

Tripod Labs Clearstat is an antimicrobial clear nail polish that prevents fungus, combats the yellow discoloration caused by fungus, and restores and maintains a healthy appearance to nails. Clearstat is applied with a unique Tripod Labs brush applicator designed to allow easy application and to minimize contamination of the polish by the infected nails. You can use Nailstat alone as a chip-resistant, clear nail polish or as a base coat under any colored polish, then easily remove with any standard nail polish remover. Clearstat is particularly useful in manicure and pedicure salons where multiple users of polish and instruments increase the risk of fungal infection.

For best results, file or buff nail surface before application to enhance absorption of anti-microbial ingredients, leaving nails strong and healthy with a protective, long-lasting shine. (This product is not intended to treat fungal nails. To treat fungus nails see Tripod Labs Nailstat.)

Product Number:30102
Price:$15.99 / each

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