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MANUFACTURER - Dr. Jill's Foot Pads  


Dr. Jill's Turf Toe Insoles - Full Steel

Doctor Recommended For The Treatment Of Turf Toe.
The steel acts as a means of partial immobilization of the big toe joint to prevent it from bending during walking and sports. This immobilization promotes the healing process.
These insoles combine the benefits of a special spring steel insert with the cushioning of a padded top. Used to prevent and correct metatarsophalangeal joint pain and injuries.

Recommended For:

  • Ideal for preventing Turf Toe and other foot problems requiring a rigid foot bed.
  • Plates are constructed to limit dorsiflexion at the MP joints.
  • The insoles can be used for Hallux Limitus, Hallux Rigidus, Arthritis, post operatively or in everyday shoes to limit MP dorsiflexion, for example: bunionectomy, fractured rays and distal implants.
  • Insoles thickness: 1/8"
Shoe Size:
Product Number:3024
Price:$59.99 / Pair

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