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Powerstep ProTech Control Full Length Orthotics

ProTech Control Orthotics – more than just another insole. The podiatrist’s prescription for pain relief. This full length orthotic features a subtle yet important two degree exterior post (wedge) that helps align the foot and reduces mild pronation (foot rolling inward) without overcorrecting.

The Protech is a unique podiatric support system with a high level of cushioning that is designed to relieve heel pain, plantar fasciits, arch pain, Achilles tendonitis, and to prevent foot strain and injury. Designed to comofrtably re-balance, stabilize, cushion, and support the feet.

ProTech full length Control Orthotics (Insoles) were designed by a podiatrist and are distributed exclusively by medical professionals.

This affordable prefabricated orthotic features:

  •  A prescription-like, medical grade polypropylene shell encased in a unique double-layer Poron/EVA cushioned insole, provides enhanced comfort from the heel to the balls of the feet.
  • Heel cradle opening contains an intrinsic Poron Comfort Cushion to maximize shock absorption and comfort.
  • Stability is enhanced by “neutral” forefoot/rear-foot posts and a well-contured heel cradle.
  • A 2º extrinsic post that stabilizes and protects the heel. (2 degree rearfoot wedge helps align the foot and reduces mild pronation (foot rolling inward) without overcorrecting. 
  • The special anti-bacterial Sanitiz etc.™ fabric topsheet reduces friction, heat and perspiration, and prevents slippage.

Order this medical grade orthotic by women's or men's shoe size.

Product Number:9996
Price:$59.99 / Pair

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