The OurDoctorStore edispensary is your own online store with your logo, message, and the products you recommend.

You simply recommend the products you normally do to your patients and instead of the local drug store profiting from your medical education, research, and opinions, you do.

Setting up your own store is an ideal way to recover the revenue lost when you send patients to the local drug store or online for the products you recommend, but having your own store can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive. Additionally, taking on the risk of investing your time and money into inventory, staffing, and store operations can distract you from what is most important, practicing medicine.

The OurDoctorStore edispensary is a convenient and low-risk solution. When you sign up you immediately get your own online store, access to over 550 different items, and a range of in-office sales aids. Our team handles all of the administrative aspects of your edispensary; all you have to do is recommend products and we take care of everything else.

You’ll never buy inventory, process a transaction, or write a check for a supplier. We handle all returns, exchanges, and warranty claims. It’s your own online store with none of the hassles. 

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