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Superfeet DressFit Inserts for Women - High Heels

Product No. 10402
$19.99 / pair


Perfect For Women's High Heel Dress Shoes.

Superfeet DressFit Inserts For Women's High Heel Shoes were first developed over 25 years ago, and are constantly being updated in order to provide you with the support and comfort you need all day long. Unlike conventional soft footbeds, Superfeet DressFit Inserts are firm and uniquely shaped to balance and evenly support the foot rather than just cushion it. Feet need consistent support and DressFit, just like a high quality supportive mattress, provides better comfort in the long run.

The DressFit Inserts have the most advanced features built into them for maximum support, balance, comfort, and shock absorption.

They provide these unique benefits:

  • Lightweight design helps to support the entire foot
  • Relieves foot pain and pressure, eases strain on knees
  • Easy to fit
  • All day and night comfort
  • Virtually invisible when in use
  • Designed to fit feet perfectly.

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