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MANUFACTURER - Fran Wilson  


Hands & Feet Pumice Sponge

Hands & Feet Pumice Sponge is the hygienic way to soften, exfoliate, and clean skin. The unique shape smoothes away hard skin on feet, heels, toes, hands, and elbows. The warmer the water, the gentler the sponge becomes, so it can be used on delicate areas.

  • Safely removes dry, thick, and callused skin without sharp blades or chemicals.
  • Leaves feet and hands refreshingly smooth and healthy looking.
  • Long lasting sponge provides a spa-like treatment to tired feet.  A real pick-me-up at the end of a long day!
To remove dry cracked skin safely and comfortably, use this product!

Colors: Assorted colors

Product Number:9211
Price:$6.49 / Each

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