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CMO Quick-Tie Ankle Brace

From athletes to housewives, we have heard only good things about this brace. The features that people most appreciate are:

  • Comfortable feeling of support and ankle control that it provides.
  • Two sets of adjustable laces allows you to customize the amount of upper and lower ankle support that you need. This gives the ultimate in personalized fit for every foot.
  • Once the fit is set, the speed lacing tabs allow you to easily and quickly put this brace on and take it off.
  • Seamless bottom for extra comfort.
  • Unique center wedge provides flexion and extension, while maintaining proper support.

The Quick-Tie Ankle Brace is made of DermaDry bracing material. The advantages of this material are:

  • It retains soothing warmth in the soft tissues, keeping them flexible, which helps with healing and also helps to prevent further injury.
  • It is lined with KwickWick treated polyester to help evaporate perspiration. This makes it cooler and more comfortable than taping the ankle.
  • Provides just the amount of comfortable compression that you need and want.

This Ankle Support is durable, comfortable, and easy to apply to the foot and ankle.

Universal right and left. One size fits all.

Product Number:1312
Price:$39.99 / each

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