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Superfeet Wintergreen - skiing, snowboarding, hunting, hiking, and outdoor work

Perfect for use outdoors!

Use Superfeet Wintergreen Footbeds For:

  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Hunting
  • Hiking
  • Outdoor work

Whether you are working or playing outdoors, these Superfeet WinterGreen Footbeds will not only provide your feet with comforting shock absorption and support, but they will also help to keep your feet comfortably warm. Using Superfeet's Outlast Technology, these footbeds store the excess heat produced within your shoe, and then releases it back as needed, to keep your feet comfortably warm.

WinterGreen Footbeds are full length and wide. They can easily be trimmed with a scissors to fit into a variety of shoes and boots. SuperfeetÌs special construction utilizes more foam than other comparably priced footbeds. The extra foam will provide you with all day comfort, shock absorption, and support.

Superfeet Sizing:

 Superfeet Size
 Men's Shoe
 Women's Shoe
 B  2.5 - 4
 4.5 - 6
 C  5.5 - 7
 6.5 - 8
 D  7.5 - 9
 8.5 - 10
 E  9.5 - 11
 10.5 - 12
 F  11.5 - 13
 12.5 +
 G  13.5 - 15
 H  15.5 - 17

Superfeet Size:
Product Number:10409
Price:$29.99 / a pair

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