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SmoothToe Engergizing Compression Socks - Quarter

Product No. 8093
$16.99 / per pair


The Quarter Sock supports and energizes your foot and ankle, and is one of our most popular styles worn with running shoes or casual shoes and shorts.Graduated compression socks are clinically proven to improve running performance and slash your recovery time!


• No Irritating Toe Seam. People with diabetes cannot afford to have even small irritations to their feet. By eliminating the toe seam, the most common cause of foot irritations and sores is eliminated.

•Keeps Feet Cool and Dry.
 Cotton is not only a relatively abrasive material, but it also absorbs foot perspiration and holds it against your skin. This gives bacteria and fungus a chance to grow and attack the skin and this is the last thing that a diabetic needs. These socks are made of CoolMax®, the same material that many athletes and outdoorsmen use to protect their feet and keep them dry. CoolMax® fibers wick moisture away from your skin, keeping your foot dry, unlike moisture absorbing cotton.

•Secure Fit.
 Sock stays firmly in place so that it does not wrinkle. When a sock wrinkles or bunches up, it can cause irritation, sores, and restricted blood flow. These are the worse thinks that can happen to a diabetic’s foot. Spandex fibers gently keep SmoothToe Socks in place so that they will not slip.

•Unique Hourglass Construction.
 SmoothToe uses Lycra® throughout the sock to provide just the right amount of snugness without restricting blood flow. In addition, Lycra® has the beneficial effect of providing a light massaging effect to the foot. Great for tired, aching legs and feet!

•Heel to Toe Comfort Sole. Double weaving creates a thicker sole and extra padding to protect your toe, heel, and entire foot.

53% CoolMax, 23% Acrylic, 12% Spandex, 9% Latex, and 3% Nylon.
Machine wash with warm water. Tumble dry.

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