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Ossur Equalizer Low Top Walker - Short Leg Walker

Product No. 1011
$79.20 / Each


This Ossur Walker uses pre-inflated pneumatic cells throughout the boot to provide superior fit and comfort, while allowing for maximum mobility and support. 

  • The walker's outer shell is made of sturdy fiberglass and thermoplastic materials. The inside is well padded with thick, durable foam rubber which is encased in a comfortable sleeve designed to fit and protect the foot and leg.
  • The new contoured strut design allows the walker frame to conform to your anatomy ensuring a better and more comfortable fit.
  • A unique shock absorbing sole that reduces impact from the heel strike to improve comfort during ambulation.
  • Rocker bottom is specially engineered to be low and wide to help promote a natural gait and increased stability.
  • The walker is kept in place by well padded Velcro straps.
  • Allows the post-surgical patient, as well as those with foot and ankle fractures, to stand and walk, while protecting the foot.
  • This Walker permits the foot to "rest and heal," while keeping you mobile and active with reduced pain. (We suggest that you follow your doctor’s orders concerning the amount of walking you are permitted to do).
  • Easy to put on and remove (the walker is kept in place by well padded velcro straps).
  • Provides stability, encourages healing, and made for comfort.

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