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Kerasal Professional Exfoliating Moisturizing Foot Ointment

Product No. 30090
$24.49 / Each


Kerasal Professional Exfoliating Moisturizing Foot Ointment is an extra-strength formula available from podiatrists only. Our latest innovation, it offers highly effective ingredients that repair severely cracked heels and soften even the roughest, driest feet.  The dual action formula both exfoliates and moisturizes in one step.

Available in 50 gram (1.75 oz.) size



  • For severely dry, rough, cracked heels and feet
  • Rehydrates, exfoliates and helps maintain moisture balance
  • Softens calluses and controls callus build up
  • Deep penetrating treatment in a thicker, occlusive, emollient formula
  • Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association
  • Contains beneficial ingredients of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Aloe to promote healthy skin

Main Ingredients: 5% Salicylic acid, 12% Urea, Aloe, Vitamin A, Vitamin E

Other Ingredients: white petrolatum, PEG-8, glycerin, urea, PEG-40 sorbitan peroleate, salicylic acid, PEG-40 stearate, retinyl palmitate, tocopheryl acetate, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, polysorbate-80

To open, use pointed end on cap to puncture seal.  Wash feet with cleanser and warm water and dry completely before applying.  Gently massage into skin until fully absorbed (use sparingly).  For faster results, cover the skin with cotton socks after evening application.  Apply daily.  Regular use will protect skin and prevent dry feet. Benefits seen in 3 -7 days.

For External Use Only.  Keep out of reach of children.  If you have diabetes or poor circulation, do not use before discussing with your doctor. Do not use if there is any redness, inflammation, or infection in the area to be treated.  Consult a healthcare professional if you are unsure of your condition. Stop immediately if you experience discomfort or if the problem becomes worse, and contact your doctor immediately.
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